About Us

Coante is a young and vigorous brand
Transforming the Sector with Innovations

Coante is an innovative brand. 

Long-vein-quartz products developed by Coante brought about a huge transformation in the sector bringing in natural spontaneity into living spaces and keeping a distinct contrast from those ordinary products accustomed in the market. 

Coante is a customer-oriented brand.

Coante works for ultimate customer-satisfaction, and it offers highest quality products covered under longer periods of product guarantee.

Coante is a confident brand.

Carrying the world before it, Coante praises its success as only a few steps taken for growth on a global scale and heads for market competition on a global basis. 

Coante is a brand living the Spirit of the Time.

The pros of being a young and vigorous brand is having to start breathing with the Spirit of Our Times. That is the reason why Coante is an environment-friendly, customer-oriented, innovative and all the while a jolly and ever-developing brand which is born with the merits of the 21st century, using technology in an ever-progressive way. 

Coante is a brand that unifies the precision of past with the courage of youth, devotedly working to adorn future. 

Today and Always…


Spirit of the Time.

Sparkle with the brand that speaks for the
Spirit of the Time

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide consistent and sustainable superiority by way of creating innovative and pioneering differences with great concern and sensitivity for humanitarian and environmental issues thanks to our primary assets which are our designs and employees.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create value for all of our stakeholders by means of a competitive and sustainable growth targeting a strong future based on customer-orientation and excellence in practice.

We surprise

We enjoy

We respect


We’re Pioneers

Our Core Values


Ermaş Marble started as a marble fabrication factory in the Ula district of Muğla in 1985 and showed a rapid growth performance to rank among the leading enterprises of the natural stone sector with three plants, six marble and travertine quarries and a total of 500 employees. 

As a trustable, innovative and productive company with a people-oriented business approach and sustainable development strategies, Ermaş Marble displayed a skyrocketing growth performance and became a preferred natural stone manufacturer both at home and abroad with its exquisite products manufactured by the state-of-the-art technology used by the company.