Conte is the manufacturer of quartz surfaces that add both visual and functional value to your areas of living by bringing one of nature’s hardest minerals, the quartz with the world’s leading edge Breton technology.  

Coante, because it has great advantages over other alternative countertop materials thanks to its stain-free and highly scratch and chemical resistant structure. Coante is hygienic surfaces due to its nonporous structure that does not allow bacterial growth. Coante offers the jumbo size slabs, which provides aesthetic solutions by making larger countertops and surfacing applications available with less seaming. Ceaselessly keeping up with spirit of the time, Coante always offers you new designs, colour, and pattern options. 

Coante uses the state-of-the-art innovative Breton Technology.

Coante is based on a formulation that provides quartz particles, polyester resin, pigments, and other raw materials to perfectly combine into a composition so as to form a completely compact and homogenous structure. All raw materials used in manufacturing are strictly controlled by Coante R&D Department according to stringent criteria and composed via special mixing processes to be moulded which are then, by the help of a vibro compression system, solidified into slabs of nonporous compact structure, and furnaced. Later these manufactured slabs go under different surfacing processes to yield either Polished or Touch surfaces.

Coante is manufactured especially for use as kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. All the while it can be used in all interior design applications such as wall panels, staircasing, flooring, windowsills, and backsplashes. 

Coante is designed for highest performance on countertops. For its superior features please click.
Daily care of Coante countertops is very easy as they are nonporous, non-water absorbent and highly chemical resistant. Please refer to Care & Maintenance Guide to protect the first day beauty of your countertop just like in the first day with a simple cleaning.

Coante is a hard material owing to the properties of its quartz composition. Though its physical endurance is also limited, it is more resistant against scratches and impact than all the other countertop materials. In order to avoid damages that can arise despite the advantages of your product, we recommend that you use a cutting board instead of directly cutting on the countertop and avoid dropping or placing heavy objects onto it. Thanks to its perfect structure Coante is not affected, unlike other countertop materials, by liquids such as wine, nail polish or food like lemon and vinegar that can easily stain other countertop materials. Yet however, strictly avoid any contact between your Coante countertop and thinners, paint removers, furniture cleaners, drain openers, oven cleaners, concentrate detergents for industrial use, grout cleaners and strong acidic and alkaline chemicals containing trichloroethane or methylene chloride.  Coante is resistant against short term high heat. However, you must always use a trivet/table mat to place objects like hot pots or pans taken out of oven or cooker that may cause a sudden temperature change. 

Coante products are available with two types of finishes; Polished surface for those who like lustre, and Touch surface who wish to feel the silky touch.   

We call it Bookmatching where two or more adjoining long veined slabs are polished and put together to appear as an opened book, each reflecting the same pattern to form a mirror effect of each other. You can prefer Bookmatched products to create an exquisite effect symmetry in your living areas.  

  1. Avoid cleaning your countertop with detergents containing abrasive particles, and hard objects like scouring pads and steel wires.
  2. Never use sharp or pointed objects such as metal spatulas, or knives to remove dried stains.
  3. Never let any contact between your countertop and chemicals or dissolvents with high or low Ph degree.
  4. Strictly avoid any contact between your countertop and paint thinners, paint removers, thinners, oven cleaners, drain openers, salt spirit, furniture cleaners, and strong cleaning agents containing trichloroethane or methylene chloride.
  5. Prevent any contact between your countertop and industrial cleaning products containing chemicals like hydrochloric acid (salt spirit) and sodium hydroxide (caustic).
  6. Never treat the surface of Coante countertops with any protective or polishing chemicals.
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With a simple daily cleaning, Coante will be as lustrous as in the first day. For this reason, you won’t need any polishing or protective chemicals. On the contrary, as your Coante countertop would not absorb such sort of chemicals, using them would cause stains on the surface of your countertop. 

Coante contains quartz minerals at a significantly high rate, and it reflects the natural properties of the quartz included within. This may cause colour, pattern, and granule variances between the products of different party/lot numbers and their samples. Samples must be considered as a representative sample of their respective products. 

Thanks to its hygienic and durable structure, Coante Wall panels produce aesthetic outcomes in harmony with your countertops. Moreover, installation of a panel and a countertop by the same fabricator would yield cost-effective and time-saving advantages. 

The price of your Coante countertop will vary with the details of the product and the project you will choose to apply. Accordingly, the pricing shall be done by the fabricator that will serve  you. 

On the reverse side of each Coante slab, it is written the title Coante brand and relevant information about the product. 

You need to first inform the fabricator of the problems with your countertop that installed your Coante product. Difficulties that you went through will be conveyed to us via the respective fabricator.