Social Compliance


In all operational and business processes, Coante provides support to activities that contribute to economic and social development all the while it conducts a policy sensitive to community issues and concerns. 

Problem of Child Labour

Coante does not permit child labour, allow any child worker, or promote in anyway whatsoever the use of any child labour. 


Coante recruits personnel taking into consideration technical and professional know-how and competence of the applicants as well as observing the corporate code of conduct and the corporate social compliance criteria. Coante allows by no means discrimination, bias, harassment or mistreatment during employee recruitment processes. 

Prevention of Employee Harassment and Mistreatment

In order to sustain employee well-being and a peaceful working environment, Coante secures that there is no verbal, physical or psychological harassment, mobbing or bullying.

Forced Labour and Involuntary Servitude

Coante stands against any and all kinds of forced labour including involuntary servitude, bonded labour, slave labour  and any kind of human trafficking.

Raising Employee Awareness

Coante believes that the success of social compliance depends on the level of employee awareness. Therefore, Coante targets to increase total level of awareness by informing its employees on a periodical basis on employee personal rights, corporate code of conduct and working conditions. 

Compliance with Laws and Obligations

Complying with the applicable laws and regulations, Coante supports that its distributors and suppliers also adhere to the rules and principles of the international social compliance organisations (FLA, ILO, ETI and suchlike)


Coante respects to individual rights and cultural differences of its employees and believes that all of its employees have equal rights. Neither discrimination for recruitment, compensation, access to education or promotion, nor dismissal from employment due to race, social class, religion, ethnicity, sex or political opinion can be even a matter of discussion in Coante.