Usage Areas

The most important areas in life
are complete with Coante

Coante countertops are so durable that they keep the first day look for years, so functional that they are easy to clean and so artistic and aesthetic that they offer a vast variety of colours, patterns, and veining designs.

Incorporating all the superior properties within itself that a countertop is expected to hold, Coante lays importance on the interaction between people and space. 

Because it completes the most important areas of our lives.



Kitchen is the name of the wonderplace that turns a house into a home in the blink of an eye. It is the heart of home where we feel and share far beyond the daily routines… 

Kitchen is the place where the sense of family belonging gains strength. While food turns into delicious tastes to nourish our mind, body and soul, the kitchen wins the heart of our life-time stories. 

As the role of kitchen increases day after day, we as Coante take more pride in witnessing more of lives and happiness in more and more kitchens.


Coante backsplashes are easy-to-care and hygenic surfaces, offering highly aesthetic applications with minimum seaming in harmony with Coante countertops. 


Coante presents its consumers unparalleled advantages thanks to its leading edge, state-of-the-art Breton technology. 

Robotic-controlled manufacturing of long-veined patterns let you design exquisite backsplash and wall coverings with Coante products.

Bookmatching creates mesmerizing quartz wall surfaces with a mirror image where two or more adjoining slabs mirror each other like an opened book creating virtually identical patterns… 

Endmatching creates a stunning seamless effect when adjoining slabs form an uninterrupted, continuing vein pattern extending throughout the slabs…

Boost your creativity
with Coante!


Coante gives life to areas of living where moments of pleasure surround us among an elegant selection of diverse colour and pattern options. 


Coante adds value to environments of exquisite design not only in kitchens or bathrooms, but also elsewhere in all interior spaces as flooring, staircasing, wallcovering material. 


Almost any of us dream of making a renovation in our homes, in our kitchens starting from scratch… We aspire to refresh our lives with a new ambiance endowed with more functional possibilities. 

Coante is enthusiastic to propose you a brand-new kitchen experience with its rich colour and pattern options, timeless beauty and durability.